1. White trash is in. Grab your mom jeans and cropped band tees. via

2. It's all in the detail. via

3. Dangling thorns > knuckle dusters. via

4. Round mini sunglasses go down a treat. via

5. Channel your inner Navajo. via

6. Yes, it glows in the dark. via

7. Pair denim with even more denim. via

8. We love Kool-Aid hair. via

9. Optic and fresh, reminds us a little of Lianna Sheppard. via

10. The perfect trench. via

11. Crisp white wingtip oxfords. via

12. Roll up, cuff, tuck. via

13. Try your hand at high-waisted trousers. via

14. Colour blocking nailed by Kurt Geiger. via

15. Combat boots with shorts = yes. via

16. Retro sunnies. via

17. Dip n dye for her. via

18. Your wrists deserve the best. via

19. It disgusts and thrills us that you can buy gloriously thread-bare used trainers from Urban Outfitters for £35...what the hell? via

What's on your lust list for spring? And would you ever stick your feet inside already-worn-in trainers?


  1. AMAZING POST!!!!! absolutely love both the photos and the captions x

  2. ooh white trash - sounds exactly my kinda thing


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